Thank You

Hauntville Haunted House would like to thank everyone, who we had the pleasure of scaring the life out of this season! Thank you for coming to see us and making it a great Halloween season we look forward to scaring you in 2016 with new scares!

Cleveland’s Best Haunted Houses

Are you ready to experience the Best Haunted House Experience in Cleveland?

We are open Friday & Saturday 7 Pm til Midnight!
Prepare now “The Nightmares are going to return”!

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This is what Haunt World Magazine, has to say:

“Hauntville Haunted Houses in Elyria, Ohio is another extreme, rare, totally out of the box, over the top, scary haunted attraction!”

“Hauntville Haunted Houses is a whole new haunting experience. The five mind-blowing, awesome attractions are Cellblock 13, the Butcher Barn, Psycho Manor, Zombie Hunt in 3-D and Wicked Clowns in 4-D. Wicked Clowns is the first 4-D attraction of its kind utilizing a whole new sensory perception of sight, sound and smell.

For years, has recognized Hauntville Haunted Houses as one of the best, scariest, most well-done haunts and gives them extremely high ratings.”