About Hauntville

Hauntville Haunted Houses

Hauntville Haunted Houses, has been described by some as a visit to a small town, lost in the middle of nowhere, with many hidden secrets to discover.

As you enter Hauntville town square, some of the mysteries start to come to light, but other dark secrets are hidden, and you will have to find your way through the winding mazes to discover what other secrets and terror await you inside Hauntville!

This is not a normal walk-through haunted attraction, with specifically designed ambient environments of five separate themed haunted attractions, titled “CellBlock 13“,” the Butcher Barn“, “Psycho Manor“,  “The Unknown“and “Wicked Clowns in 4-D“. Hauntville Haunted Houses created a whole new haunted house experience and theatrical production that must be experienced to be believed.

Hauntville Haunted Houses, provides the visitor with a mental transportation to another place in time, “Leaving you feel as if you are really there, Lost somewhere in Hauntville Haunted Houses!

This is what sets Hauntville Haunted Houses as “Ohio’s Scariest Haunted Houses!” and Cleveland’s Best Haunted House Experience.” Leaving you with a lasting memory, that is hard to forget.

Always remember, at Hauntville They Can Smell Your Fear!

Hauntworld.com: “Hauntville Haunted Houses is one of the Best,Scariest,Most well done haunted attractions, A Must See!”

Are you ready to experience the Best Haunted House Attraction in the Cleveland area…..Hauntville Haunted Houses!

Hauntville Haunted Houses, is a production of Halloween Innovations, in association with Scare-Masters Productions. All rights reserved.