Cellblock 13

CellBlock 13

cellblock2-300x148Hauntville Haunted Houses “CellBlock 13”, is a maximum security prison and insane asylum facility.The facility was built to help protect the public from, and house some of the most criminally insane prisoners. Rumors began to spread among the people of Hauntville, of executions, torture and the human experiments, that were being conducted on the inmates of Hauntville’s “CellBlock 13”

Now a large scale riot has erupted inside Hauntville’s CellBlock 13, the guards of the maximum security facility, has lost control of the inmates and the facility. The inmates are now in control of the prison, and are seeking revenge on the guards, visitors and anyone inside the walls of CellBlock 13!

Can you find your way through Hauntville Haunted Houses, CellBlock 13, and escape the maximum security facility, or be lost in CellBlock 13 and become an inmate too!