Psycho Manor

Psycho Manor

Whitfield Manor, home to Hauntville Haunted Houses, “Psycho Manor”, is an old creepy Victorian style manor, built on the hill next to the Hauntville Cemetery. The Manor served as the home to Benjamin Whitfield and his family and was also the town’s funeral home until the strange death of Whitfield’s wife and her five children.

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Legend of Psycho Manor

The town’s mortician, Benjamin Whitfield lived in the Whitfield Manor, with his wife, Sara and their five children, until the strange death of his wife and five children, from the plague.

After the strange death of Sara Whitfield and their five children, Benjamin Whitfield suddenly disappeared, and has not been seen since.

Many of the Hauntville’s town people still question if Sara Whitfield and the five children, did die from the plague or did something else happen to them ?

The town’s people still tell stories of the ghosts of Sara and the five children still roam the halls and rooms of the manor, along with other un-rested spirits of those who have passed on.

Visit Hauntville Haunted House’s “Psycho Manor”, and find out what really happened to Sara Whitfield and her five children. Maybe you can figure out where, Benjamin Whitfield disappeared to or is he still in the manor somewhere?