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Best Haunted House in Cleveland...CBS channel 19"

Rated 48 Skulls out of 50 by guests at "Haunted House Online.com"


“Scariest Haunted House Ever”

Signed Roger in North Ridgeville

“My favorite house was cell block 13, I never knew what was coming next. The actors rocked”!

Signed Allissa in Brunswick, Ohio

“My boyfriend and I went last yr. and I almost peed my pants cause I was so scared and have never been so scared in my whole life. We are coming back for more”!!!

Signed Jill in Cleveland, Ohio

“My friend pissed himself. Great Haunt”!

Signed Albert in Pa’

“That was freaking Awesome”

Signed Allison in Medina, Ohio

“Best Haunted House we have seen in a long time. We recommend others go thru.”

Signed Jen & Brian, Bowling Green, Ohio

“It was like a real life Blair Witch Project. The Grandma really did it. The mechanics were great. It scared the s**t out of me, just like being in a real life scary movie”

Signed Rav from Indiana

“It was a fun time. You guys did a great job and I want to work there next year”.

Signed Robert from Elyria, Ohio

“Scariest Haunted Houses Ever” Cell Block 13 "A" Pycho Manor "B+" The Dark Abyss "A+"

Signed Sue from Avon Lake, Ohio

“What an amazing time we had last night. Every house played on all of your senses and it was worth every penny spent, I wish I could go back again”.

Signed Fred from Amherst, Ohio

“I love how you incorporated smells into the whole theme. It made it so much more real. Great job guys! I will be telling my friends to go check it out.”

Signed Vanessa in Lorain, Ohio

“Fun Times. The clowns were off the hook”.

Signed John in Elyria, Ohio

“Heart Pounding, adrenalin rushing, zombies, chain saws, and clowns, what more could you want”.

Signed Jerod from Mentor, Ohio

“Hauntville was realistic and dramatic and actors were very big and scary. They played it like your actually in jail cause it gave me flashbacks of when I was in jail. Will come back next yr.”

Signed Chris from Elyria, Ohio

“Well worth it. 3-D was Fun”

Signed Bailey Family from Indianapolis

“That was the tightest haunted house ever. They popped out from everywhere and every corner”.

Signed Jerald from Lorain, Ohio

“Liked it all, but Loved Everything”

Signed Ramon from Elyria, Ohio

“I was there last night to celebrate my birthday with some friends. Although your unable to scare me, I cant remember the last time I laughed that hard. The others in my group did get quite scared at points, great job. We had a blast!

Signed Nicole from Cleveland, Ohio

“I’ve gone the past 2 yrs and will be coming back for as long as its open. There is no better way to spend your Halloween”.

Signed Mallory from Broadview Hts., Ohio

“Simply the Best Haunted house for your dollar. We hit up a bunch of haunted attractions all over and Hauntville was our favorite”.

Signed Shauna from Cleveland, Ohio

“Hauntville was amazing. Best Haunted place around. I went with my BF and a group of friends and we were all gripping onto each other and it was still so scary.

Signed Karen from Parma, Ohio

“This is an awesome Haunted House, the detail is amazing. Also, there is a very unique surprise and I don’t want to give it away but it is a must see.

Signed Bethany from Elyria, Ohio

“This is not like any other Haunted House. You feel like your in 10 horror movies at once, not as if you were watching them”.

Signed Jimmy from Berea, Ohio

“If you want to have fun, be scared and impressed…Go to Hauntville Haunted Houses”!!!

Signed Mike from Lakewood, Ohio

“Great, best Haunted House ever. Cell Block 13 was crazy”.

Signed Joe from Cleveland, Ohio

“3-D was the best, jumped a couple times and more than I thought I would. Very impressed with all of the houses, wonderful job”!

Signed Al from Sandusky, Ohio

“The best ever, we travel all over and our somewhat experts at haunted houses. Hauntville is definitely the best of them all”!!!

Signed Wayne from Parma, Ohio

“Longer than most and more monsters. Awesome and scared the shit out of me. Liked the animatronics, they were different and scary”.

Signed Christina from Wellington, Ohio

“I was so freaked out, it was so funny. In the end, it was scary.

Signed Beth & Brie from Perkins, Ohio

“I never get scared and jump as I did in these houses and I jumped a lot. Excellent, I screamed a lot”.

Signed April from North Olmsted, Ohio

“My husband and I went last night and it was amazing. The first house we visited was Cell Block 13, in which we were lead in by prison guards and then the prisoners started. It was so real with very high energy and so scary. The next house was set like an old victorian mansion, detailing was amazing. Had real actors that actually talked to us not just yelled BOO like most other haunted houses. The last house, The Dark Abyss was ok. It made my husband jump a few times and the clowns were freaky. Just take out the spiders and I’ll be fine with it since I really hate spiders”.

Signed Julie from Lorain, Ohio

“Most original haunted house we have seen and we have seen ALOT! Scary Haunted Houses”!!!

Signed Taylor from Painsville, Ohio

“Pee-Pee’d in my pants. Awesomly scary place. I tried not to get scared but ended up running out a fire exit”.

Signed Tracy from Elyria, Ohio

“You guys did an amazing job, so well put together. The actors were phenomenal, I was honestly so scared that I cried. LOL”.

Signed Brady from Fairview Park, Ohio

“Went there last weekend and was blown away. Loved the redneck room. Had a great time compared to other Haunts and this place is reasonably priced”.

Signed Anthony from Grafton, Ohio

“Got to see this place. I have been to other haunts and Hauntville is different. We ran and screamed so much. My friends & I had a blast.

Signed Natasha from Elyria, Ohio

“3-D messes with you, FREAKY. Best Haunted House in Cleveland”.

Signed Amanda Cleveland, Ohio

“Clowns were Awesome, never seen anything like it. I even almost pissed my pants”.

Signed Chris from Japan

“The best haunted house we’ve been to, very scary”.

Signed Tim from Findley, Ohio

“Scariest Haunted House in Ohio. Loved the façade and animatronics. Actors were the best”.

Signed Linda from Cleveland, Ohio

“The first House was tight, it gave me nightmares”.

Signed Jerome from Elyria, Ohio

“Lots of suspense because you don’t know what will happen next. Crazy and very, very scary. It gave me a huge rush”.

Signed Matt from Rocky River, Ohio

“Very cool and very real. It was definitely the best haunted house I’ve ever been too”!

Signed Daniel from Cleveland, Ohio

“My family of 4 came here last yr and it was fantastic. It was definitely the scariest and most fun haunted house we’ve been too. I have to admit that it scared me so much I cant remember some parts of it. Cant wait until next year”.

Signed Stacy from Vermillion, Ohio

“Best haunted house in the state of Ohio. (Element of surprise). Very impressed, got to see this one”.

Signed Shaun from Columbus, Ohio

“Was very horrified. All the haunted houses were very, very scary. The 3-D was trippy. They do get credit for Ohio’s Scariest Haunted Houses”.

Signed Marcus from Cleveland, Ohio

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