What people have had to say about, Hauntville Haunted Houses!


Haunted Attraction was AMAZING!!!!!!! so scary and one of the best! Will be going again this weekend

melise tennyson

Its was so fun last

Its was so fun last year coming back this year

Brandy Moore


“The first House was tight, it gave me nightmares”.


“Best haunted house in the state of Ohio. (Element of surprise).
Very impressed, got to see this one”.


“Clowns were Awesome, never seen anything like it. I even almost pissed my pants”.


“You guys did an amazing job, so well put together. The actors were phenomenal, I was honestly so scared that I cried. LOL”.


“My family of 4 came here last yr and it was fantastic. It was definitely the scariest and most fun haunted house we’ve been too. I have to admit that it scared me so much I cant remember some parts of it. Cant wait until next year”.


“Was very horrified. All the haunted houses were very, very scary. The 3-D was trippy. They do get credit for Ohio’s Scariest Haunted Houses”.


“My family of 4 came here last yr and it was fantastic. It was definitely the scariest and most fun haunted house we’ve been too. I have to admit that it scared me so much I cant remember some parts of it. Cant wait until next year”.


“Very cool and very real. It was definitely the best haunted house I’ve ever been too”


“Scariest Haunted House in Ohio. Loved the facade and animations. Actors were the best”.


“3-D messes with you, FREAKY. Best Haunted House in Cleveland”


“Pee-Pee’d in my pants. Awesomely scary place. I tried not to get scared but ended up running out a fire exit”.


“Most original haunted house we have seen and we have seen ALOT! Scary Haunted Houses”!!!


“This is an awesome Haunted House, the detail is amazing. Also, there is a very unique surprise and I don’t want to give it away but it is a must see.


“The best ever, we travel all over and our somewhat experts at haunted houses. Hauntville is definitely the best of them all”!!!


“If you want to have fun, be scared and impressed…Go to Hauntville Haunted Houses”!!


“I’ve gone the past 2 yrs and will be coming back for as long as its open. There is no better way to spend your Halloween”.


“Hauntville was realistic and dramatic and actors were very big and scary. They played it like your actually in jail cause it gave me flashbacks of when I was in jail. Will come back next year.”


“Heart Pounding, Adrenalin rushing, zombies, chain saws, and clowns, what more could you want”


“Fun Times. The clowns were off the hook”


I love how you incorporated smells into the whole theme. It made it so much more real. Great job guys! I will be telling my friends to go check it out.”


“What an amazing time we had last night. Every house played on all of your senses and it was worth every penny spent, I wish I could go back again”.


“It was like a real life Blair Witch Project. The Grandma really did it. The mechanics were great. It scared the s**t out of me, just like being in a real life scary movie”

Jen & Brian

“Best Haunted House we have seen in a long time. We recommend others go thru.”


“That was freaking Awesome”


“My friend pissed himself. Great Haunt”!


“My favorite house was cell block 13, I never knew what was coming next. The actors rocked”!


“Scariest Haunted House Ever”


Got to see this place. I have been to other haunts and Hauntville is different. We ran and screamed so much. My friends & I had a blast.


Wicked Clowns in 4-D: It’s one of the most thrilling 3-D adventures you’ll have.


Went to Hauntville Ohio’s Scariest Haunted Houses last night it was AMAZING!! I’ve never jumped or screamed so much in an hour in my life!!! All the actors were amazing and I almost cried


Me & 4 friends went last night, first time ever there I absolutely loved it! And a few of my friends haven’t been there in years and loved the updates! Happily go next year I recommend it for everyone!


It was awesome we had a blast very scary…gruesome was worth the drive n the money


Scariest best haunt I have been to hands down


The CLOWN house was the coolest I have ever seen!! Also..The actors /actresses, creativity and work these people put into the place was amazing and it showed!


Great haunt! The actors are energetic with witty dialogue and are perfect with timing. The sets are well done. I really loved the intro’s to each house. Definitely worth the money.


Scares within scares. Haunts within Haunts. Never ending horror. Something for everyone. Love it there.


Great job again this year. This is one of the most creative haunts I’ve ever been to.


We had a blast tonight!! Seeing that it’s been 3 years since we’ve been here, the changes were awesome!! Loved “The Unknown”! Keep up the great work!!


OMG! We had so much fun. The effects were amazing and the houses were all-around enjoyable. I felt like there could be more actors but the fact that there weren’t many did not take away from the enjoyable experience. I think more actors could just enhance it. I really like that they were certain actors who had designated storytelling parts and other actors who were there to surprise, scared, and Entertain You in passing. I had such a wonderful time and we’ll definitely go back. Great job!


This haunted attraction was so cool me and my family/friends loved it. I definitely think they need more actors but it was so amazing I love all the props and decorations.


Best haunted house I’ve ever been to I’d go every year u guys have great actor’s the clown an physco one was my favorite


Great time with lots fun..haven’t screamed & laughed that much at a haunted house in a long time! Great houses with amazing actors & awesomely scary atmosphere! Well worth a visit to Elyria! Thanks!


My dad, brother & I love traveling to haunted houses & this one by FAR is our absolute favorite. Great attention to detail. First time there & it won’t be our last, we’ll be back!


Best haunted house EVER!!! Never a disappointment!!



Was so scary had to take a minute between areas since my boyfriend and I was there soon as it opened first in and out the actors were great and horrifying. The Unknown was hard to get through since its pitch black but still amazing. I HATE CLOWNS and I had to go through by myself was worth the money I would recommend a million times over


That place is so awesome badass ❤️❤️ But I hate clown but that good place❤️


I am not a fan of being scared who would be. But during the month of October something deep inside me opens up…a longing for the dark side. Hauntville meet all my requirements for a entertaining haunted house. Great sets, and a staff who loves what they are doing . 5 stars. Prepare to be scared.


Definitely the scariest haunted house I have ever been too… Great job with the actors too.. I will be returning next year


I went here with a group of friends, we are in high school an we had so much fun. It was definitely I great experience and we are definitely going to come back again soon


It was a great experience! First one was really scary. All of the attractions ( 5 inside) are very well done, interactive and scary. Completely new and fresh experience.


This haunted house I went to this year in 2014 I traveled from Columbus Ohio and it was well worth the travel it has to be the best haunted house I have ever been to the creativity they put in this place they had amazing like Hollywood effects it was worth the $20 for four haunted houses I loved the 4-D clown room I went and got what I wanted Scared the crap out of and my adrenaline pumping. Also the actors were definitely trained well this house was put together well I can’t wait to take some more friends with me next year to show them there going to love it.


Awesome!! This really is Ohio’s best! Loved it, monsters were great, scenes were spectacular and the overall experience was unforgettable. Highly recommend Hauntville

At Hauntville, I had joyful Halloween experience with my school friends. They have many attractions including Psycho Manor, Cell Block 13, the Butcher’s Barn, Wicked Clowns in 4D and THE Unknown. My friends have enjoyed every nook and corner of this haunt. Overall, it’s a decent haunted house around OH. They keep on adding lots of surprises and events every year.

I have never been to any haunted house, my husband surprised me to be here at Hauntville just few days after marriage. Extremely wonderful experience, at Wicked Clown in 4D, I really felt supernatural made-up. Zombies were moving around, and dramatic ghosts were driving me to the world of horror. Butcher’s Barn was so thrilling that we couldn’t resist being there for long time. Actors were realistic, and interior was too good. This was all about my first and best Halloween experience.

I drove for six hours to reach the haunt… And it did not go waste. I have visited many haunted houses and this one certainly is higher on that list. The four houses were designed with a lot of attention to details.. Nevertheless, all were freaking creepy. The actors were very creative and at every corner they scared me. Well.. I jumped couple of times… I did not scream because I tried not to. I recommend my friends to go and check this place out. Definitely I will be back again with my wife and kids.

I went to the Hauntville with my GF. A great haunt indeed. The Haunted house includes 5 separated themed houses and all the houses were intertwined each other in their story line. So many scares with unique experiences to say the least. The sliding room, spinning room, and tilting rooms were amazing. Each haunt has a unique charm and nature. The visuals were great. The actors did well in their roles to scare the crap out of us. My favorite was the wicked characters. The sounds were perfect as well… I will recommend this place for all.

For me, the most interesting part of the house was the Butcher Barn. The Cell Block 13 and the Psycho Manor were also terrifying. Actors all were excellent. The animatronics was very impressive to say the least. The premises were neat and the staffs were friendly and cooperative. Ticket rates are economic. For smooth entry, go for VIP pass. Cant’ wait for next year.

Halloween celebrations were going on everywhere and my kids were demanding for visiting any haunted house. So, I and my husband have chosen Hauntville. It turned out to be a perfect decision with their four terrifying haunted houses. The Butcher’s Barn was damn astonishing and melodramatic. The Wicked Clown in 4D was animated playfully, and ghosts were dressed up mystically. We will surely come here again to have wonderful time together.

we went to Hauntville last night and the bad thing is that my friend passed out…it was a scary situation.. they handled it very well and really cared about my friend. This place is extremely scary

It was worth every penny! This was the first 4d clown house in the state. Awesome job. I think if they add more people it would ruin the affects of the place. Sometimes groups do run together because they are scared as hell,so what let them pass. Took about 30-40 mins to go through. Cant wait to go again!

There are no other haunted attractions in the Cleveland area like this one. All indoors, no mud or rain! Free parking….Always open where else can you get scared or have fun. Best thing is they have the older fashion scares not a lot of high tech. No touching by human hands, maybe a prop or too. Will be back every year. Scare on Hauntville!!!!!!!!!

When you walk into the building it’s as if your actually visiting a prison, and as you go through each house the feeling and the mind set changes. You feel as if the house your in is real. The story lines are amazing; you become part of the story as you walk through especially in the barn area!